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Bridges 4 Justice, LLC.

Phone: 847-421-0638

Bridges 4 Justice exists to help create a more socially just and equitable world.


Bridges 4 Justice contributes to this effort by providing high level diversity & equity consulting to educators, students, and leaders in a diverse array of organizations.


Bridges 4 Justice offers independent consulting workshops and training programs that are designed to reveal how systems of power and privilege work in our society and in our organizations.


These dynamics shape our communities and organizations and play important roles in our daily lives. As leaders, how we prepare and how we lead in our increasingly diverse and interconnected world can make or break our organizations.


Our students, employees, customers, and community members need strong leadership and organizations that are willing to face complex and evolving issues surrounding structural barriers to learning and work together to create healthy and inclusive communities that dismantle these barriers and create new models of learning that work for everyone.


Through these programs, we will face organizational issues, identify ways to include critical pedagogy and culturally responsive practices to develop plans of action to move our organizations forward in a positive manner to eliminate deficit mindsets, maximize talent and create truly inclusive and equitable learning environments where individuals are not marginalized, but rather empowered, supported and embraced.


All of this can only be accomplished while acting in congruence with our highest and most deeply held institutional values.

Programs Offered:


Contact Bridges 4 Justice for more information about the work being done monthly in organizations to develop and strengthen culturally responsive practices, address implicit bias, foster environments that promote and support identity development and create important steps for infusing equity and belonging into your community.


Included in this package:

LGBTQIA+ Training:
Introductory Education on LGBTQ issues 

Anti-Racism Training:
Understanding History and how Power & Privilege have shaped our society and our communities. Become informed and empowered to take positive action in your own community.

Healthy Masculinity!:
Looking at ideas of “masculinity” and how gender norms influence organizations. 

Organizational Development and Prioritizing Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging:
This includes in depth training on:

- Identity Development

- Understanding Intersectional Social Justice

- Opening minds with a walk through history

- The revelations of how Power & Privilege permeate our society daily

- Understanding and recognizing Implicit Bias

- Courageous Conversations on how marginalization and deficit mindsets impact our own walks through our own communities

- Empowering the sharing and embracing of our identities and how to live authentically, fearlessly and confidently

- Recognizing our responsibility in fostering and incubating identity development

- Understanding our our own identities and the lenses through which we experience the world

- Uplifting moments of sharing our visions and hopes for creating more inclusion and belonging

- Developing individual and organizational action plans for positive and lasting change in our own lives and in our communities

Public Speaking and Presentations:

Roger is a sought after and available keynote speaker on leadership, diversity, equity, inclusion, healthy masculinity, history month cultural programs & education.


Bridges 4 Justice, LLC.

Phone: 847-421-0638

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